our kitten

i am
Orkide Van Kedi von Alexis

and my name is
Namir von Tatvan


our offspring of Apr. 15, 2005 above


I amEsmeray which means dark moon.
I received this name from my new owners.
So I am already sold.


I am calledEce which means queen.
I also found a new home.


I am Elif, which means singleness.
I am the youngest, which grants some privileges.
I am not the biggest but the funniest and the perkiest.
But I will catch up with the others.
I will soon live in Black Forrest.


I am called Enys, which means
friend or comrade.
I am a little tomcat and I recently found nice
people to whom I can show my affection.

I am Elmas, and that means diamond.
My eyes have two different colours
and I also found a nice new home.