we about us.....

How we became Turkish Van breeders!

Breeding cats was never planed, but because of our three Maine Coons we finally did.
After we had informed in wellknown catmagazines and on catshows, we finally came to Maine Coons. First we got Gorden and Graffitti (we called'em Moritz and Hatty) who are brother and sister.
That's how it should have stayed, but only until we saw a few beautiful red Maine Coons at a catshow.
It was truly love at first sight, so Tom became the next member of our family. He was a seven month old playful american male.
Because of Tom being bored most of the time (what we really could see), we had the fatal idea to look out for a lively and playful partner for Tom. Again we studied catliterature to find a race that is not only playful in it's youth. We've had already heard about Turkish Van, but we rarely saw'em on shows. After a long talk to a breeder we convinced that Turkish Van had to be the race we were looking for. So we got Inci, just the right playmate for our little Tom. They became inseparable while raging through our apartment.
With enthusiasm we watched Turkish Van - babies when we met other breeders. We picked up a lot of new informations about what to watch and what to do if we wanted to breed by ourselves . When Inci got her first babies, we became really restless and became the subtenants of our cats. Even on the couch and in bed we had to fight for our place. Despite beeing hungry we always feeded the cats first before we eated. It's the loveliest, when the cats purr and cuddle around us in the evening. That makes us forget all the stress and trouble we have during daytime.
As beautiful as it is to see the babies rise up, the sad it is to let them go one day. At least we are satisfied when they find a beautiful new home. Hassan was the next Turkish Van we got, his coat looks like a red-white chessboard. First he was just into our care, but then we fell in love and he stayed. He's so dear we just could not separate. As it became more crowded we had to look for a new, bigger apartment.
We found out that it's not easy to find a landlord who likes (that many) cats. When we were successful, our cats had enough room to play and even to keep out of their own ways.
From Inci's first babies we kept Aydin, a sweet male who freaked out on every catshow. From the second throw we kept Bakira, who is a strong and typical cat. We sterilized Inci because she had some problems and we didn't wanted her to have any more births.
Next we bought Orkide, who has wonderful blue eyes and is very lovely and cosy. Meanwhile Orkide has her first babies with Benlik.
To get the perfect madness we picked up Aziz, another male. He is a true storyteller who is allways fascinating with his odd-eyes. It is fundamental that he sleeps in our bed. If you caress him he's immediately on his back so that you have to stroke his belly until he falls to sleep (when that happens your hand already felt asleep)
Next year we plan to get babies from Bakira, they sure will be as cute as their mom...
One thing is for sure: we can't be without cats anymore. They may bring some worries, but even more joy. It is nice when you come home from work and they welcome you and tell you what happened all day. It does not matter when you are deadly tired in the morning because a cat thought it had to play with you during the night. It fills me with enthusiasm (expecially on weekends) when I have paws in my face at seven o'clock in the morning because they almost die of starvation.

Everything is as usual - the usual madness !
Van`s Fantezi