Cat - Gallery
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Hassan, is castrated and first came into many weeks. In just a short time we took him into our heatsbecause of his friendly and lovely kind. He also likes to play and has been on a campingholiday with us ( witch was a real plesure ). Finally we adopted him, what we never repented exept on early sunday mornings when one of us has his paws inhis face `cause he`s almost dying because of his hunger. He likes to scuffle with Gordon until Gordon is on tpo of the kitchens cupboard.

Aydin`s hobbies are babiecats. He takes almost more care of Orkides babies than she does. He calls'em when it's time to go to sleep and they almost all lay by his side. If one is missing he's searching for it and they listen to him like he is their mother. He never gets in trouble with other cats, exept Aziz. He's a little dreamer who is always looking astonished into the world. He made it to a "Grand Inter- national Champion", but we decided to leave him at home because he didn't like exhibitionshows.


 Bakira, is a lovely and quiet cat. She has never trouble with the others (and if, she pulls back to a quiet place). When she want's she can cuddle just with her voice. She is a great cat (what she has from her father), she sure will be a good mother and with joy we are already looking forward to her babies. She likes babies and is often around them, and she is on her way to be "International Champion".

Tom, is the resting pole für all of our cats. No matter if it's babies or other cats, he's the one that does console for everyone. If trouble get's in his way he avoids it by getting up and leaving. He is a smooth giant and has the walk of a heavyweighter. His stomach has to be as big as a barn. Whenever he is hearing a package he's right there, even if hes sleeping it wakes him up. He is also one of these "I-almost-die-of-starvation" male. On shows he made it to the "Class-of-honour". He has the most expression we have ever seen in a catface because it is possible to see every emotion in his face.

Aziz,called ,,Paulchen" has beautiful bright odd-eyes. Sometimes you could wrap tape around his mouth. From early in the morning until late in the evening he is talking. Whereever he is, you just got to touch him and he's on his back to get stroke on his belly for hours (and he also likes to fall to sleep during that). If you stop he is awake and is wanting you to continue. Because he's so patient you can do almost everything with him.

Gordon, we call him  Moritz   is a charming castrate. He likes to cuddle so obstrusive that you have to pull the brake sometimes. Hassan is not one of his best friends. Sometimes Gordon is insidious but not stupid. If Hassan turns around ater a quarrel. Gordon strikes back from behind. When both look into their eyes Gordon doesn't have the Courage. This little coward is only tough when he comes from the backside, but he's tremendous lovely...  

Cemal,a male cat, who was born last April, is in many ways very different from his brothers and sisters. He grew and grew and by the age of 10 weeks he was double the size from the others. At the age of 12 weeks we decided to keep him. Now, he is following us "by foot" like a little dog, and is very close to us. His favourite place is the desk and as soon as the pc is on, he lies down beside it and falls asleep. Lucky me, he leaves out just enough room to move the mouse. He is all in all a good-natured boy.

Inci, is sterilzed and is the mother of Aydin and Bakira. She often fights with Orkide because she doesn't like her babies. She often cuddles with Tom, but mostly to geht the place he just has taken. She cuddles so long until it's too much to him, then he gets up looking for another spot. When she managed that you can see a little bit of triumph in her eyes.

Orkide, called  Orki,  has beautiful eyes. She is a very friendly cat, never in bad mood. A perfect mother, but when another cat hits her her babies she turns into lioness. Elsewise everybody can touch her babies. She likes to play for a long time, and when you stop she can be very energetic (with her voice or by gesture) without giving you a break. Her title "Champion"..